My brother took me to the perfect birthday movie: FAST FIVE. Imax. Bellevue. 11am. I’m one of 2 girls in the theater. This movie has everything that a true action movie should: a) non-stop, pump-up action scenes

b) fist pumping and high-fiving (puns intended)
c) explosions and hot people

d) high kicks and crazy parkour jumps off of buildings

e) short sentences

f) family bonding and team training scenes ala Oceans 11,12,&13.

g) fast face close-ups leading to slow curving half smiles that exude those juicy one-liners like Vin’s “We gonna need some guns.” followed by his, “We gonna need some cars.”
[aside: I think I need more Vin in my life].
And finally, what we’ve all been asking Santa Clause for for years now: a muscle to muscle, brawn to brawn, fist battle between Vin and the Rock.
Mark Sinclair Vincent versus Dwayne Johnson. Pipe-busting, cement-crushing, face-mashing, throat-choking fun. I haven’t laughed so hard in a movie since…

This one is about loyalty, about fatherhood, about sticking up for your family and your friends, against the Brazilian bad guy who smuggles hot cars and weapons and drugs, who uses the police to forward his cause, who kills blindly for money in Rio – …gorgeous, sweaty, tropical, colorful, crowded Rio.

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  1. I have seen that.really cool..

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