Foreboding and fearful. A marriage of beauty and heartbreak.
Never Let Me Go shows unlikely grace as tension lifts the veil of innocence revealing sweetly mingled ashen, somber, inevitability. Clones designed for “completion,” being raised to donate piecemeal organs. A sci-fi thriller was never wrapped in prettier packaging of sunset bows and pale blue hues. Never, since perhaps The King’s Speech, have British accents so beautifully and curiously canvassed a topic of this magnitude.
Performed brilliantly by Carey Mulligan, Sally Hawkins, IzzyMeikle-Small, and Andrew Garfield. The scene on the abandoned boat makes me love Garfield (and gives me hope for the future Spiderman).  This film destroys me. Most shots were framable. Despite the ache in the pit of my stomach, I am wooed by the beauty of this film, by the stark pain, by friendship, by the power of a song, by pity, by love.

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