“We are all fools in love”
Jane Austen

Harry met Sally. Monica married Chandler. Cary Grant finally took Grace Kelly into his arms and outside: fireworks! Inside the curtains flutter and that’s when mothers hit the fast forward button or push the kids out of the living room until she says “Okay, it’s over.” Oh those Thornbirds and the naughty Father de Bricassart. Finally, a film written to go beyond the meticulous tension build to the crescendo’d self-indulgent …make-out scene. I knew there had to be more afterglow post curtain-flutter.

This film banks on the much debated thesis that soul mates exist and must be continually fought for. It is also about choosing wise counselors.

A good mentor is hard to find, and over and over I wondered why no one was listening and speaking into the life of the babysitter who finally takes her cues from the school slut? In awkward parallel, Steve Carell‘s frumpy but faithful leading man allows sexy, sarcastic Gosling (from Notebook to notable) to show him the ropes. And by ropes I mean game-playing, pretending to listen by asking questions that make it look like he cares, blatantly objectifying women, and finally wooing young women to his bed. Gosling wants to help him regain his manliness, but all he makes in this carbon copy attempt is another lonely man. Sex is not a healer. It doesn’t solve the problem. Rather, it sets the house on fire, burning up a marriage when played with outside of the context of loyalty and faithfulness.

Ironically, Gosling’s character is always hungry. Ryan Gosling is a smart actor. He knows to give his characters an outward manifestation of his inward truth, which he finally speaks to Emma Stone in confidence. He’s been trying to buy away his loneliness and emptiness, but can’t . Meaningless sex can’t even fill the void. Shocker.

“My dad’s the better man, and he’s going to win.” Before the too-long 2nd act montage showing easy women on the heels of  both men, I wanted to claim this film. I’d love to write something this funny and serious at the same time. The first hour is truly brilliant – every character says what he or she means with true intention, even tossing the “L” word about freely like a frisbee to a waiting dog. 

All in all, this film proves to be as hilarious and heartbreaking as …well, as love itself.


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  1. would you want to see it again? say, at the cheaps? with me? 🙂

  2. So glad to have found this blog, great writing without giving any of the movie away! Thank you.

  3. Emma Stone did a wonderful job in this film. Though she plays a hard-to-get smartie pants, she does not fit the uptight girl stereotype that can be seen in a lot of romantic comedies (Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama and Heigel in The Ugly Truth are just two examples that come to my mind right away). Instead, she is a confident, funny leading lady who does not simply let swoon-worthy Gosling tell her exactly how to dance in their tango. She initiates their first kiss by storming into a bar after leaving her hum drum boyfriend. She also pokes fun at Gosling’s worn out, get-her-in-bed tactics. Their chemistry is right on and totally believeable. Again, another relationship with Gosling that I am very jealous not to be in.

  4. This was our date night movie a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it alot. Lots of lessons to be learned in this film.

  5. I really loved this movie. It made me laugh out loud, which not many films can do. I adored Ryan Gosling in this type of role, especially after seeing him in Blue Valentine (in which he was marvelous, as well). This film was sweet, and I always love a story that works in forgiveness as an aspect, as it’s something that is not always easy to do.

  6. So sad I missed out. You know i’d never blatantly stand you up, love you and can’t wait to see this one!

  7. It seems that your film review is definitely fantastic. I want now to watch this film.Sooner or later.

  8. like this “We are all fools in love”..exactlly!

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