THE FAMILY MAN (2000) movie review

Brett Ratner redeemed. He claims that this is his favorite of his films. I know I’ve trash talked him a bit, but I must credit him with best direction of Nick Cage. Sure Nick’s made enough terrible film choices to make you overlook this national treasure, but he’s precious in this one. This is his best character to date. His grinch-turned-Griswold kills me softly and I adore him as a Family Man.

Tea Leoni performs flawlessly, creating chemistry, making matronhood and mothering look sexy and appealing. I fall for Jeremy Piven and Don Cheadle along with the rest of the world.

“Oh, you mean this chocolate cake? No. It’s too important to me…”

It’s an inverted “Wonderful Life” story. The glimpse is the gift and the journey of the film. It answers our ever-loving “what-ifs.” Our lives are built on decisions and priorities. Who would we be if we had chosen differently? I don’t know, but “I choose us.”



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  1. This post makes me smile, as does that little girl when she welcomes back her ‘real daddy’. Well written, Deps! -Gwen

  2. But for the rest of us, it is a precious gift you have given us to share your emotions and physical reactions to this incredible journey.

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