DESCENDANTS (2011) movie review

Descending the spinning vortex of unfinished plans, this film makes you recount the decisions of your life. Why that worry? Why that fear? In the scheme, isn’t it so trivial?
Clooney in the spin, all resting on him, never ducks to miss the blow. He takes it in the teeth again and again but arises victorious albeit beaten. His reward was there all along but he couldn’t see the girls he loved, not really. Impressive and gorgeous performances all around.
Director Alexander Payne lets it all sink in and lets us deal with grief. This film offers perspective. Hawaii in the raw everyday of normalcy still glows alluring and pleasantly paced. In its candor is also a tribute to a strong people. Let us weep and say goodbye. Let us know truth, believe the best, and ever sway along to these redemptions songs.

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