THE BOURNE LEGACY (2012) movie review

Matt Damon spent the trilogy discovering his mad new skills and putting them to good use protecting himself from assassins while piecing together the puzzle of his broken memory.

Jeremy Renner knows his story, perhaps too well. He’s haunted by the known. He knows his skills, how he got them, and potentially how to keep them. Therein lies his quest.

This film opens with the flattened puzzle sans one piece – Bourne. So audience members begin to feel smarter than the best brains in the film. Then before we know it, we’re sucked in again to a parallel story. We are driven by curiosity and respect for the guy who can sense what’s coming and know how to take out any assailant with bare hands and the random makeshift weapon. It makes you wonder if the dreamers behind this series watched a lot of MacGyver growing up.

This film rides the rollercoaster of action sequences. Down time for Norton to strategize and yell at people. Renner running icy mountains. More Norton talk time. More Renner running, now in hotter climate. Add Weisz. Run. Talk. Run a ton. Out.

Bourne was never alone. The operations were endless. The interactions infinite. This is not the end of Bourne.

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