SKYFALL (2012) movie review

Elegance in action, the blond Bond returns with intentional swagger. He’s aging, and the underlying truism of this tale is that people age like wine, only improving upon acquaintance.

His word remains as good as his name, and “M,” as Dame Dench is called, stands poised for a bit of explosive field work of her own.

Ralph Fiennes joins up. But it is Javier Bardem who stuns, as usual. Out of his John Waynish trustworthy norm, Bardem pulls off a deeply paradoxical brash and hideous alongside the posh effeminate – a brilliant foe for our blessed patriot.

Looks may fade, but neither bullet nor brunette can take out a Bond.


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  1. Short review but I liked it. The thing I don’t like about the movie is the way how they reflect Turkey, how they show a modern republic like it is “a middle age” territory. But it’s Bond. I like Bond. And the crew destroyed many cultural and historical buildings during the shoot, FYI.

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