JACK THE GIANT SLAYER (2013) movie review

jack-the-giant-slayer-banner-poster1CGI may have had its heyday, but great casting, writing, and acting can never be overdone or overrated. This is a great cast.

Every year seems to sprout fresh remakes of old fairy tales. This delightful film only adds to the cannon.Jack-the-Giant-Slayer

Of course there is a beautiful and strong-willed princess to rescue. Of course a twisted and corrupt fiancé is hungry for the throne. Of course the hero stands as underdog.

Likable Jack (Nicholas Hoult) uses his layman’s skills and passionate heart to save the day, make his father proud, and come out on top.

Stanley-Tucci-in-Jack-the-Giant-Slayer-2013-Movie-ImageStanley Tucci steals the show as the cruel fiancé, and Ewan McGregor wins a close second as the captain protector.

It may be too frightening for children, but this story is lovely and well done. jack-the-giant-slayer-ewan-mcgregor


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  1. For what the movie’s worth, the movie has cool action, visuals, and a fun feel that hardly ever goes away. Good review.

  2. I dont like fairy tale films but i have to admit the trailer and your review makes me think that i might enjoy it x

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