THE SWITCH (2010) movie review

the-switch-movieI’ve never seen a more ridiculous plot made into something quite so brilliant.

I’ve never really been a Jennifer Aniston fan, but here she is vulnerable and lovely. Jason Bateman, as usual, is beloved as the straight man. Jeff Goldblum makes any scene laughable, but memorable, while Juliette Lewis plays to stereotype as the perpetually high bf.



It’s truly ridiculous. Oddly neurotic but likable best bud guy friend who secretly loves his successful gorgeous single female best pal gets clobbered at the sperm party and replaces the donated sperm. Donor? Pretty Patrick Wilson. Nice. Stupid. Worst plot ever. It’s not funny. It’s horrifying.


jason-bateman-thomas-robinson-the-switch-picThen somehow, twenty or so minutes in, I’m crying. I’m in love with Jason Bateman all over again. The music, the voiceover narration, the little boy, the daddy issues, the lovely family connections, the funny lines. This one is well written. If you can handle the low LOW concept and consider the acting for two minutes, you too can feel empowered to speak up when necessary in order to avoid the potentially costly and ridiculous antics of your own life. The Switch surprised me so much. I’m embarrassed to admit that saw it three times in a week. I kept it running. I replayed the precious moments to commit them to memory. Sure there is equal silly to smart in this one, but for some reason it also rings thoughtful, familial, precious.the_switch-1

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  1. Love review.// hoping to watch the movie soon.//

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