PLAYING FOR KEEPS (2012) movie review

It’s a travesty. Don’t let the sweet abs of Gerard Butler or his Scottish accent lure you into this trap.
I’m pretty sure it’s unscripted, allows every character to play hyperbolically to the crazy-person persona, and took perhaps 3 days to film. It’s horrible. I tried to watch it with a group, and when our shocked groans grew louder than the film, we paused and decided unanimously to turn it off.

One plus hours in, Butler is still avoiding time with his son to bed down the soccer moms who ridiculously lure him in. This is awful. How anyone could buy in to his gaining a moral compass after the first hour is beyond me. That’s obviously the goal: bad dad turns good. Reverse the role, and this becomes the hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold scenario, and we’re just not buying it.

Discussing toe-nail clippings is more edifying…and perhaps more entertaining. Please spare yourselves.


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