RED 2 (2013) movie review


I can’t decide on a solid thumbs up or down on this one, so here is the good, bad, & ugly revealed:

The GOOD guys are still killers with blood lust. The one innocent character maintains an almost perverse fascination while holding to her “please don’t kill them” m.o..crop-RED2-004


The best of best actors converge here as quirky assassins offering and receiving relationship advice as they travel the world.bruce-willis-helen-mirren-red-2-teaser-trailer

The BAD: massive body count. Laughable to most audiences but unbelievable in sheer numbers. It’s almost all action and shooting. It of course has sweet moments, but mingled in murder. A scene that shows this most aptly is one in which Helen Mirren sits in evening gown, fur stole, and jewels offering tips over the phone on how to keep romance alive, all while she disposes of numerous bodies.red2_620_011813

The UGLY truth is that death is not well received in real life. One death in the family produces real and long lasting grief. What are we allowing with this senseless satisfaction in calling murder entertainment? Yes, I love a good crime drama. Hitchcock is a favorite, and he was quoted once saying, “I’ve brought murder back into the home where it belongs.” We often say we will protect children from watching too much violence and sex, but what about ourselves? Murder is wrong. We know this. But when do we begin to enjoy mayhem rather than protect our minds from the force of evil disguised as comedy?Anthony-Hopkins-Red-2-poster


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  1. You ask a great question.

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