THE LONE RANGER (2013) movie review

The_Lone_Ranger_New_Banner_Cine_1Solid ideas, explosive execution, but they forgot to choose an audience.
It’s too scary and gory for kids (the bad guy is also a cannibal …gruesome). william-fichtner-the-lone-ranger-1But it’s too silly for most adults. (Johnny’s big repeated physical joke is feeding a dead crow that he wears on his head.) lone-ranger-trailer-the-lone-ranger-33531256-1920-800It’s classic Johnny Depp in every scene. He drops one-liners and quirky quips throughout. It felt like The Hatter got a facelift. Then it just exhausted with the second layer of Johnny as an old man telling the story. Overkill. Over overkill. Deathly

Armie Hammer was a great cast for the role. He pretties up the screen and makes the character likable. the_lone_ranger_38382The Lone Ranger icon came into existence in comic books and on televisions in the 1940’s. Echoes from my grandfather prepared me to recall of the name of his friend “Tonto” and the Ranger’s call: “Hi-Ho Silver, away!” These were not, however, enough to endear the premise of this drawn out and violent film.




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  1. Technically, for me it was an okay film, and definitely not bad enough to cause a major box office bomb. Honestly, I was kind of surprised why people hated it so much (I wouldn’t believe that the virus was spread via word of mouth, so I’m guessing people just didn’t go for it). That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad film. Maybe they should have learned from Aliens versus Cowboys. I (again, honestly) give it a 7.8/10.
    Good stuff, sir. Keep it up.

  2. great review. Totally agree with you

  3. Much better than critics at the time would have us believe. I really enjoyed it. Nice review.

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