WORLD WAR Z (2013) movie review

They run faster, stare harder, scale walls, headbang, stick around for a quick bite, and have no feelings. Sound like your last relationship?


This zombie apocalypse has a new face. In our world, the slow moving, cannibalistic, “Walking Dead” reign. However, director Mark Forster, a favorite since his Finding Neverland (2004) and Stranger Than Fiction (2006), and WWZ‘s producer Brad Pitt have reinvented the franchise.

World-War-Z-screenshot-1Some criticized the action zoom in at minute 5 or so in the film initiating the continuous conflict, but character development, schmaracter development, right? Pitt and Jolie have laid the foundation for Pitt’s trustworthy, fatherly character by adding a new child to their brood each year. We buy that he is the  hatchet-wielding family man with a heart of gold whose  war-shredded past shows in each line of his face and in his stringy beard. He is apt for the task, a believable and beautifully clever team player father figure rushing to save the world.

images-1Back to nuts and bolts. To see or not to see. Despite its furious filming foibles and over budget fear-driven rewrites, they succeeded. Zombie flix can easily ring cheesy, but true to genre, it is scary. Rental was a good call for me. I can’t do gore or 2 hours of breathless intensity. So, the catchy bird-like zombie squawk that introduces each toothsome attack became my cue to get up and fold some laundry or send an email. The Zombies weren’t skip-trudging toward their next human meals; they rushed for the bite to turn the next victim. Anxiety comes in ocean waves, then pulls back long enough for audiences to breathe.

Don’t miss Jimmy Fallon’s “Yodel” interview with Brad Pitt: (linked below)images-3


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  1. I call this a horror action movie. It was a little different than what genre fans expect from a zombie film, but I liked it!

  2. A lot of people gave this one flack for being a brainless Hollywood blockbuster. I went into it expecting just that, and I loved my experience. It’s a fun, scary popcorn flick, nothing more, nothing less.

  3. I agree, this was definitely a horror action film. I am not usually a fan of zombie shows or movies, but this movie was excellent. It was exciting and certainly a thriller to the end. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie because I didn’t know what to expect next throughout the whole movie. Every time it looked as if there was no way out there was a breakthrough. It sucks you in because you have to pay close attention to the details to actually know what is going on or what just occurred. I would definitely recommend anyone who is into action, horror, or thrill seekers to see this movie.

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