THE BOOK THIEF (2014) movie review

At least with Titanic, you knew the boat would sink.


This film showed such perseverance of the soul, such hope in desperation, such light in darkness, such freedom breaking out with boldness, bursting through despite fear. It was gorgeous until…


_MG_6517April 02, 2013.cr2



the-book-thief-1…until the end.
The end, if you can call it an ending, attempted to jump 80 years or so into the future and relay the deaths of ALL OF THE CHARACTERS!
Never before have I seen a script invest in and develop characters and relationships so delicately, so painstakingly right up until the instant death of almost all.
Sure, there are gruesome war films. But this? Everyone dies horribly, too soon, only to be found by the one girl who loves them all. We have to watch the main character grieve again and again over each one. It was too much.

They all live through wars, but die in a moment? They fight to love then lose their lives? What is this, Downton? My apologies. I give Fellowes far too much credit for killing his characters when their lives are sweetest to them. War is never sweet. But life can be. I confess I’m on the constant watch for the sweetness of life. I hunt for beauty like treasure. I value words as the character Max did.

This film is not what I imagined it would be at all.
Skip the narration, choose the alternate ending and turn it off before the end of the war.

The Book Thief


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  1. there is an alternate ending available? I liked this movie a lot just like you until it was ruined by the ending

  2. What a beautiful way you describe this movie; “perseverance of soul…hope in desperation… “! I personally liked the whole movie, tragic ending and all. “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” (2001) is a WW2 movie that I think should skip the ending.

  3. I read this book in high school and really loved it – though it was definitely one that you couldn’t read with dry eyes! The book is written from the perspective of Death (the concept of which I have never read before or since, it’s a very interesting idea) – was the movie presented in that perspective? I could see how a sudden death ending could be a little disjointed if you’re not expecting it the whole time vs. how it’s almost assumed in the book based on the fact that Death is the lens that the character’s lives are viewed through.
    I’m curious to see it! Maybe when I have time for a good cry. 😉

  4. margethelarge June 7, 2014 — 3:28 pm

    Reblogged this on Marge T. Large Reviews and commented:
    Do you kill off characters for a good reason? To show that you can? To make things seem more gritty or realistic?
    Can death kill a movie?

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