THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (2014) movie review

Grand-Budapest-Hotel-The-posterA Line of Honest Verse
By: S.Platter


Disappointed my heart; expectations were buzzing

I thought well with casting, pastels, and odd cakes


So vulgar it’s brazen, filthy constant bold cussing
Bloody digits now severed and prison shiv stabbings

the-grand-budapest-hotel-ralph-fiennesBeauty and gore, It’s a viewer’s discretion
Mustachioed, dainty, Finnes funny filanderings:

A most twinkling star cast boasts of cameos aplenty:
Jude Law and Bill Murray, Brody and Finnes, and then

brilliant-new-poster-arrives-for-the-grand-budapest-hotel-151538-a-1387438468-470-75Amidst wonderful wishing lark leary retreats,
The Grand Budapest sits astride time zones

For narration illuminating two tragic stories.
A young tale like a love song with rough twists most

revolori1Classic emotionless dialogue lilting
On breathtaking canvas like frosting
from Mendls

How is one film so two-toned with
Filth- lusty pageantry?
What romance. What grimace. No innocent

531a1fc75209ba3172b111b5_7-the-grand-budapest-hotelWill the red Zissou beanie capped Anderson fans
Appreciate Monseniour Gustaf H and his
lobby boy?

Of the wild conversations ensuing from Budapest,
I have no doubt dinners will bubble
And coo.

All the beards and rimmed glasses, a flannel menagerie.
Seattlite audiences bursting
For joy

But I remain tossed over licenses taken,
Like a teaspoon of dung in a cake mix

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