INTO THE WOODS (2014) movie review

itw_LittleRedI’m not sure why I felt slightly unprepared to see this film. I had seen the play. My friend Steve played one of the princes when we were in high school. It was so funny. The show is meant to be overdone and overly dramatic.itw_Prince This film did achieve that properly over-the-top flair with wild vaudevillian acting, hard singing, and full-blown costumes and effects.
There were, however, those elements that would make anyone agonize wondering how much longer it could possibly go on. It’s an operetta, meaning they sing almost every line and the songs rarely find resolve. So, it feels like one very long song. So, in that vein, I attempted to write new lyrics to the film’s soundtrack below, expressing my disgust at points and over all true feelings for this film:itw_Baker

It’s too dark.
It’s one long song.
The themes are pushed.
What themes are those?
The themes of love conflicting with independence;
The theme of wishing for dreams but dealing with consequences.itw_BakersWifeFrom bloody toes, to moments with Johnny Depp.

They turned him from wolf… to zuit suited pedophile. He’s a zuit-suited pedofile.


Then Emily Blunt.
She sings so well,
but who could believe she’s a pauper’s wife.
She’s baking and singing, the baker’s wife.
The one whose attractions, temptations could end her life.
But oh, Chris Pine, I’d fall hard too.
I’d fall for you.
I’d bake you a cake, be the baker’s wife,
if it wasn’t for Anna Kendrick.itw_Cinderella

The film was set on just one set.
I can see right now how they could afford the make-up alone for Meryl Streep.
In so many scenes and always the same,
Yes, but she’s Meryl Streep.
She’s a wunderkind.


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  1. Great lyrics, is it worth seeing then?

  2. I just saw the movie this weekend, and enjoyed it. I had recently viewed the play for the first time about six months ago.

  3. I had a hard time with this one too, loved some bits, felt draggy about most of it, and weirded out by Depp.

  4. OMG! I need watch this movie now. I really like Chris Pine.♥♥^^

  5. I wondered how much singing there is in this movie? Is it non stop with a few spoken lines or just a few songs?

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