TOMORROWLAND (2015) movie review


“Tell me, how do you get to Tomorrowland?
Close your eyes, make a wish, and you’re there.”

…or go by jet pack. 
ft0110.comp_.047600.1115_R-660x348In Brad Bird’s newest screen sensation, dreams come true as the Small World ride at Disneyland opens up to reveal an interdementional gondola, as the Eiffel Tower in Paris disguises a secret rocket, and as bathtubs eject you to safety. George Clooney, likable curmudgeon furrows his way into your heart as he learns to believe in dreams again. Clooney, Hugh Laurie, and Tim McGraw lead a perfect cast, and up-and-comers Britt Robertson (best in Dan in Real Life), Thomas Robinson (my favorite little character from “The Switch”), and the young Raffey Cassidy astound in their roles.

Tomorrowland-George-Clooney-620x400Trusted screenwriters Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird allow the film to preach the power of positivity and to present the  old Native American morality tale (also quoted by George Bernard Shaw): there are two wolves inside each one of us, and the one who wins is the one we feed the most.

Brilliant, poignant, and timely. This film is an adventure ride. It fills you with Disneyland joy, a love for family, and a hope for the future which waits in each of our hands, like a token waiting to take us there.tomorrowlmdBe brave enough to dream in a Tomorrowland for all of us.  “We’ve saved a seat, just for you.”


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  1. Bravo. I adored this film and have boldly declared the best of 2015 so far. I loved the way it captured the futuristic optimism of the 1960’s. It offers an exciting alternative to dystopian alternate futures that have become the fashion in film.

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