THE INTERN (2015) movie review

We all love De Niro. We cuddle and coo as he leans in making faces at us all. He could make a silent film, and the world would return his mutual affection.AP_the_intern_jef_150925_16x9_992Anne Hathaway, I am convinced, is Shakespeare’s vampire-bitten wife by the same name, ageless and continually remaking Princess Diaries and the Devil Wears Prada. She’s finally made it as her own boss in this one, and she is determined to show that she can run a company all by herself without becoming a hateful, bitter, or too busy to have a family. file_607859_intern-trailerThis film promotes the positive business model of improving a work-life balance. It examines the pitfalls of start-ups, the benefit of experienced voices in the workplace, and the process of mentoring. Obvious from the previews, it’s an anti-agism play, but DeNiro rises as the professional for his kindness, his offering of time, his gracious attitude, and his personal initiative. He alone proves that gentlemen do exist and pocket squares are proof. The office falls for him, and his reward is helping each co-worker find success. If that were every worker’s personal motto, the face of business would be changed.  Seeing this on the heels of Steve Jobs (2015) proved a fascinating study on growing businesses, sharing ideas, and becoming a business leader. Where Jobs repulsed, DeNiro wooed.  TIN-FP-0076The Intern, which feels a great deal like an attempted sequel to The Internship (2013) is full of Home Alone hyjinx and freshmen boys bathroom humor. Not enough to be sorry I saw it, but enough to never really need to see it again.rRT8eTougmCkqmRE9oESKahfO9X


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  1. The underwhelming writing is what got me in this one. The *SPOLIER* infidelity subplot feels like it was shoehorned in at the last minute and is then resolved SO quickly that it’s never believable. At least De Niro and Hathaway had some decent chemistry…

  2. Great post! Love the actor that Robert De Niro is! I just wrote a post about Netflix! Feel free to take a look on:

  3. It is a bad omen for this movie that you compared it to a Vince Vaughan vehicle. Poor Robert De Niro.

  4. Great review, thanks. I dont think I’ll see it again either, even though it was entertaining. I’ve just posted a review at if you’d like to compare notes.

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