ROOM (2015) movie review

Shut ins. Captives. Mother and son make the most of their tiny prison. To him, his whole world is Room. Room is real. TV is not real.Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay star in "Room." (Ruth Hurl/Element Pictures)The film offers sweet narration from the child’s perspective, from Jack on the day he turns five. He wakes up to greet the day and each object in Room: “Good morning Chair. Good morning Sink.” He and his mama exercise and wash clothes and bake a birthday cake. Almost all seems lovely from the boy’s eyes, but even he can see his young mother’s far off, wounded, fearful expressions. Her sorrow is not his yet. For that they are both grateful.

His whole world is within Room with his Mama and the nightly visitor that he hides from named Old Nick. He never speaks to Old Nick who sometimes brings them things they need then stays the shifts when Mama reveals her precious secret one day: there is World outside of Room.

This film is divided in half: daily life inside Room, then life outside in, they escape. It may be important knowing that before you watch a film like this. The painfully dark, horrifying concept of abduction is lightened only somewhat by escape as reentry takes as much if not more gumption for survival.

I do not know how Brie Larson was able to play such a role, to embrace this character in such a desperate situation. Larson did shine similarly in an (almost as difficult to watch) indie film from 2013 called Short Term 12 about the staff and students at a temporary group foster care center. R-rated for a ton of foul language, it presents realistic and difficult subject matter. Seeing Short Term 12 did something amazing for me. It renewed my own hope and endurance in the ever-exhausting field of education. It’s worth it to be there for students. That film was a much needed shot in the arm. Room is mostly heartbreaking, but hopeful in its own way.roomHope is a strong word. Hope is weapon against despair. Hope grows, like the leaf on Room’s skylight that showed them seasons, change, future flight, and rebirth. There is life outside of Room. Goodbye Room. Hello World.

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  1. When you want to see a film based entirely on a review, then you know its a good writer behind the review. I’ll be seeing Room soon and maybe share thoughts.

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