THE JUNGLE BOOK (2016) movie review

image_d81b01b1I’m feel like I’m five years old. I’m scrunching down into the seat like it will swallow me, then I sit up fast so I can see over the heads in front of me. When the screen lights up, I am transported into the jungle full of life, of furry friends and foes, of survival. Everywhere, the joy-filled sounds of jungle conversations mingle with crunching popcorn bags and awestruck children.

maxresdefaultMowgli is just a little boy who must learn, as all others do, how to survive in his world: jumping over giant tree limbs, swinging from vines like an orangutan, singing with bears and monkeys, running from Shere Kahn, howling as the adopted son of the wolf pack.Jungle_Book_2016_70The screen goes dark after the final, gorgeous, framable shot of this art film closes with the unique credit sequence. The lights come up in the theater and the audience exits reluctantly, as sad to leave the jungle as Mowgli was when he realized he had to rejoin the man village. Director Jon Favreau, who also brought us Elf and Iron Man, made a masterpiece with this live action re-make of the 1967 Disney favorite. It stays true to the characters, the music, the art of the original. 2016_the_jungle_book-wideThe classic Jungle Book comes to life in glorious widescreen with the unmistakable voices and cadence of favorite actors like Bill Murray and Christopher Walken.  May the wonders of this kind of movie making never cease. It’s amazing to think that it was all made on a sound stage in Hollywood. maxresdefault-1Everyone old enough to appreciate the original MUST watch this film. It’s rare that I say I loved everything about a film, but I wish I had the ability to stop blinking and never miss a single frame of this perfect picture. See it, and live the beauty of the original film. Sit up close. Baloo, Bagheera, Mowgli, and every jungle friend will be your friend for life.

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