THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY (2016) movie review

TheManWhoKnewInfinityStillThis film posits valuable notions like the incalculable potential of divine inspiration. It also asks: who are we to ponder the value of a life over a life’s work? Mathematical formulas and patterns were art that spoke of God to Srinivasa Ramanujan, who was taken under the wing of G.H. Hardy and who then became a Royal Fellow at Trinity College in Cambridge, England at the turn of the century during WWI. It was filmed beautifully in two locations: a remote area of India which looked like an early Madras, and Trinity College Cambridge in England. the-man-who-knew-infinity-0aDev Patel and Jeremy Irons partner up to prove mathematical equations in a style reminiscent of A Beautiful Mind, but in this film, the major conflict is cultural discord. The director says that the film is actually about nurturing relationships. Layers of relational potential and missed opportunities plague this true story.  Here is a beautiful interview with the writer / director,  Matt Brown.960


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