I am both shocked and delighted to report that I loved the experience of watching Independence Day: Resurgence and would even see it again. It’s odd to think that the original ID4 holds a pleasant, nostalgic spot in my heart, but it must. And now, twenty years later, the gang is all back (sans Will Smith). He gets the nods, but the star fighters of the next gen, including Liam Hemsworth with his Han Solo swagger, quickly fill the gaps.

Independence-Day-2-Resurgence-Super-Bowl-AdIt’s all a quirky throwback, like a good Star Trek film, but it’s set on planet earth with a much larger alien enemy and the understanding that when we won the last big Fourth of July battle, they were going to come back for more. It’s like a sci-fi Home Alone story starring the classic Jeff Goldblum, his snarky father Judd Hirsh, and the indelible Presidential figure Bill Pullman. These three and so many more come together to protect our planet and everyone we love using every last possible opportunity to get the bad guys before they destroy the place. If you loved Jurassic World, this movie is probably your cup of tea.

The surprisingly smart script sports a simple premise and witty dialogue enveloped in braggably brilliant special effects.92037

My dad loved it and got his one father’s day wish when we took him to see this movie. He loved the first one and was not disappointed by this long-awaited sci-fi sequel with promised almost planet-wide destruction. Space battles ensue in an all-out last ditch effort to save humanity from a core-sucking space alien species.


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  1. I think I saw that original ID4 with you! Good times.

  2. Really enjoyed this film as I did the original! I was only 12 and I was mesmerized by the whole thing. 20 years later I still love it a d resurgence doesn’t disappoint.

  3. How can you go wrong with a Hemsworth in the cast? Good to hear. Been wanting to see this!

  4. and I always thought a sequel to the original film was unnecessary.

  5. Wasn’t interested in seeing it, but if two Platters like it I might just have to check it out. 👍

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