GHOSTBUSTERS (2016) movie review

ghostbusters-2016-movie-trailerA veritable cavalcade of specters parade New York’s busy streets, and “who you gonna call?”

The new generation of Ghostbusters are equally as bumbling and goofy as their predecessors. But these spirited hunters have Ph.Ds and new talents and toys to help them take down the prevailing spirits. They “ain’t afraid of no ghosts.”PHeiDZe8WJg8hl_1_lThese SNL favs and friends know how to get a laugh. They are made to entertain. They laugh at themselves first, and it works. These funny women of New York have taken Hollywood by storm and come back to town with bigger names and top billing. They’ve earned it. Chris Hemsworth also runs havoc as the team’s dimwitted receptionist and top poltergeist target.ghostbusters-2016-reboot-movie-review-chris-hemsworthWhether or not it works in the box office, it pays proper homage to fans and original stars. The script works and the team gels. It’s funny, playful, sarcastic, and fun. In a cultural twist, it’s the female ensemble that consistently objectifies men. Well, one man. Just Chris. And who can blame them for that? Not I.

I give it a 7.5 / 10 and I’ll see it again!

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