STRANGER THINGS (2016) Netflix original show review


There must be a science to discovering how waves of popularity surge through cultural chasms. One day’s Candy Crush is the next’s Pokemon Go. Somehow this little original with Twin Peaks meets X-files meets Goonies flair found the mass appeal to become a sensation.960Some of the appeal in making art must be the gamble as all shows run the risk of falling flat. This Super 8 style kids V monsters series made the smart and unique decision to slowly but steadily build the show on the backs of an oddly memorable ensemble cast. They are relatable, flawed, likable humans with skills and potential for future-changing.Stranger ThingsIn their retro, rugged, primary colored world, four middle school aged boys play Dungeons and Dragons while their older siblings flirt and spy and kiss and lie – the usual plot fodder until a faceless predator kidnaps one of the small boys the same day that a little girl with strange powers arrives in town. The attacks continue and only one down-and-drunk sheriff is willing to help Winona Rider and pursue the truth at any cost.Stranger-Things-Hopper-Season-2This series of frightening events is a short 8 episode commitment, each one ending on a cliffhanger cleverly breadcrumbing the audience with clues that lead to answers.

It’s worth it. Too scary for kids, but but it’s 80’s awesome, so totally rad, and trending right now.

Barb! Look out.Barb-Stranger-Things-Dead

I’ll say 8.5 / 10.


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  1. It scared the pants off of me a few times! Can’t wait for next season.

  2. I love this show so much. I give it 15 out of 10 lol

  3. This is the best thing Netflix has put out so far. Can’t wait for the next season, as well as more projects from the Duffer Brothers!

  4. Bridget Beth Collins August 23, 2016 — 10:51 am

    I loved it! It definitely felt like an odd mashup of my childhood loves.

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