PASSENGERS (2016) movie review

passengers-movie-gallery-6In this inner space Castaway plus amenities and friendly Roombas, Chris Pratt questions his existence, debriefs with android mentor bartender, and hits it off with Jennifer Lawrence as we all knew he would. But when playful romp turns harrowing mission who knows if their young love can withstand the pain of possible death and betrayal.
maxresdefaultThey are simply two awake too early on a human transport spaceship headed to a new world to make a new life.

This film proves that even if Tom Hanks had had access to a deli, matches, and a million flashlight batteries he still most likely would have met and befriended Wilson the volleyball and attempted suicide.passengers-movie-gallery-7Jennifer Lawrence looks beautiful, rarely a flyaway hair out of place, and is barely allowed to ugly-cry. Pratt reenacts a few Martian-esque sequences, bearded and naked on-board the Homestead II.f71d47d376308c10_passengers-dom-df-04255_r-tifPassengers is exactly what you expect it to be: big effects with big name stars on the big screen. Maybe it’s kind of nice to leave the theater feeling nothing. After La La Land, you may need the emotional respite.passengers-movie-2016-images-pratt-lawrence

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