LOGAN LUCKY (2017) movie review

Logan Lucky flew the checkered flag before the film could turn a jumble of post-punch anticipated laugh lines into workable plot points.Soderbergh directed Oceans 11 in 2001, offering the world the perfect ensemble cast in a lively, paced, heist film with memorable hooks and twists. Another great cast joined him for his newest edition, which hoped to be another Oceans-esque playful, comedic, strategic romp, this time claiming the take from a day at the races instead of taking the house at a Casino.Channing Tatum plays good dad straight man with a plan, but he’s no Danny Ocean. Stakes were too low to pull buy in. Sadly, sunshine on the speedway, Seth MacFarlane’s fake accent, and a cutesy singing pageant girl could not fix the thing that was off as I watched and waited for the pace to pick up, the jokes to land, and for anything other than the surprise of Daniel Craig’s physical comedy to work.Admittedly, Driver’s prosthetic arm stole scenes, but the punchy potential one-liners waited for forced laughter, as most cast members delivered quirk without character development.

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