HOME AGAIN (2017) movie review

RomCom totality has been reached. Reese dawns mom jeans to prove that women her age can still get 20 year old boys.This film’s all-heart-no-regrets message leaves watchers with warm fuzzy muddied morals when sort-of-separated Mom of two has a fling on her 40th to ward off the sorrow of feeling less than okay.I am a big fan of birthdays, but this takes the goal a little too far.The morning after, three sweet, sensational, LA dreamers move in.No relationship, no background, just three super well-meaning 20 somethings who become instant uncles for the young girls of the house.  Reality is not usually the basis for a rom-com. I get it. And I too, got caught up in the syrupy sentiment.But I’m left pondering the truisms being presented in this film. I now recognize the fairytale farce for what it is and refuse to pass it all off as fine just because it’s a Reese-lovely rom com.

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