A QUIET PLACE (2018) movie review

Shhh. Hold your breath. Don’t make a sound. Don’t scream or the monsters will eat you.A family fighting to survive creates a world signing in silence on a farm after carnivorous aliens with heightened hearing threaten to wipe out all life on earth.John Krasinski wrote, produced, starred in, and directed this his first full-length feature film. It’s both terrifying and oh so satisfying. Felt silence frames every scene. I’ve never been so aware of the audio work on a film.His wife in real life, Emily Blunt, read the script and asked for the role despite the harrowing ordeals she knew she’d undergo as the pregnant wife in this silent scary movie. Blunt delightfully becomes her roles, memorably, believably.The children also performed their parts surprisingly well, especially Noah Jupe who played the best friend in last year’s heartfelt hit Wonder.Krasinski also wisely chose to cast deaf actress Millicent Simmons in the role as the daughter. She offered her experience and expertise with ASL to the the cast so the sign language would look realistic and would convey the emotion in each unspoken word or phrase. Impressive for its lower budget, memorable without words, the Quiet Place is a worthy watch.

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