RBG (2018) movie review

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, aka the Notorious RBG, has worked her whole life to serve the law as she sees it.
Still serving as a Supreme Court Justice, she works most nights until 4 am reading cases, writing briefs, hoping to change the world.Demure and steadfast, this tiny soldier has become the voice for equality. She adds her feminine collars to the judge’s robes and fights from within what has been a “man’s world” since she graduated top of her class, despite being one of the few women attending Harvard Law. Women’s rights hail her as their heroine changemaker of policies. Her voice of descent, popularly tweated, speaks for what she believes to be equality for underrepresented peoples, not just women.As the credits rolled, I noticed something rare:  almost every crew member who worked on this film was female. I felt a swelling in my chest. This was a well-filmed documentary, memorable and sweet. No matter what your political beliefs, you will leave with a newfound respect for this little woman who worked and continues to work to change history in her own way.  You will value her story. You may even want to buy a shirt.

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