JURASSIC WORLD: Fallen Kingdom (2018) movie review

Jeff Goldblum tried to warn them. He tried to warn us all. He said, , “Life finds a way.”So, as fast as you can add an ellipses to the same movie title,  the dangerous become the endangered. In this serialized sequel, the raptor and our old pal the T-Rex reign as as the natural antagonists turned underdogs who must escape island destruction via live volcano lava as well as the grasp of greedy business men and their maniacal soldiers before they face another extinction or worse, weaponization.Predator to prey, this film seeks to prove that all it takes is a muscular raptor trainer, an executive party planner turned activist, and a small agile girl to save both the dinos and the world from an inevitable fate, a fate that was perhaps set the second Dr. Hammond played God in ‘93. 

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