PAPILLION (2018) movie review

Charlie Hunnam strongarms his way through the many stages of imprisonment in this film with his character’s name as the title. He is the unbreakable Cool Hand in this based-on-a-true-story of prison break from the infamous real Papillion .Rami Malek squeaks in as the money roll who needs and is willing to trade all he owns for Hunnam’s protection.

An odd friendship grows between cash and street from ship to shore. From bare-bodied battles to attempts at escape. Nothing seems to work for them.Papillon finds himself in solitary a number of times. It somehow centers him despite emerging emaciated and seemingly broken.

Hunnam’s odd film choices are beginning to find pattern in historical bio pics with outcast heroes who feed on passion and force to survive but somehow rarely win. Always a battle. Always exhaustion. Always society against the one trying to break him. Papillon is no exception.

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