Newfound Triplets Robert Shafran, David Kellman and Eddy Galland (Photo by Richard Lee/NY Daily News via Getty Images)

The nature nurture question has lead to many posited psychological theories and some experimental studies, but none so shocking as this one. “Separated at birth” takes on new meaning when Three Identical Strangers inadvertently find one another in college.The honeymoon phase is glorious for these boys – peppered with fame, glory, and wine, women, and song. They live together and love having put the missing pieces back together. Eddie, David, and Bobby shared the same voice, mannerisms, likes and dislikes.

Their young lives were so unique, it was as if they’d been placed very specifically in homes across the socioeconomic spectrum. One raised quite poor but lovingly. Another mid-level. And the other in a slightly wealthier, military strict home.
After opening a restaurant together and starting their own families, being best men in each other’s weddings, they started asking questions and in-fighting. One brother struggled with severe depression that the other two were ill-equipped to battle alongside him.

Oddly, the question they waited to ask was “why.” The triplets and their parents had visited the adoption center for answers and had been disappointed in the response. What they later discovered was the psychological testing that had been going on under their noses, in their own homes throughout their childhoods.

Victims of experimental research, the subjects were not without casualty, and the past, once dug up, only deepened the mystery.

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