FORD VS FERRARI (2019) movie review

What’s not to love about being in a fast car with Christian Bale for two hours? Director James Mangold filmed exquisite racing scenes putting audiences behind the wheel flying over famous raceways.

Damon, the same, consistent character, even with his hint of a southern accent plays the charmer. As always, if you love him already, you’ll love him in this. Each actor plays a likable caricature, which I’ve decided is the outcome of historical films that take themselves too seriously. As the story went, Henry Ford II did take on the Enzo Ferrari, who was always at the top of the speed game. It took a pure driver in love with racing, who had already seen battle, to go to war in the most difficult race in the world.

RATING: B (Being a nice way to spend an evening…)

Bale drives cars as fast
As Damon can design them
Classic speed racers


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