THE FAVOURITE (2018) movie review & haiku

THE FAVOURITE (2018) movie review

Director Yorgos Lanthimos created the most uncomfortable, modern, mean, and sexually charged period palace story you’ve likely ever seen. This throws layers and layers of proper Elizabethan costuming over a simple survival of the fittest – all competing for the favor of one crazed Queen.

The country at war and in uproar, yet she needs constant affirmation about her looks and attention to her needs.

Emma Stone finds herself face down in the mud and must find ways to enter the palace and stay in the good graces of those in power or station above her. Rachel Weisz basically runs the country as confidante to the Queen, played perfectly by Olivia Colman.

Two women play the same game with very different motives, forcing a modern audience into the most modern of period pieces to ask what they would do in dire circumstances like those – save your country or save yourself?


ladies in waiting

Victorian bourgeoisie

use sex to control

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