TROOP ZERO (2019) Amazon original movie review

Zero to hero. Christmas Flint is a tiny girl with a dream. She wants to win the scout medal and be chosen to send her voice out into space on the ‘77 Golden Record. Since her Mama died and became a star, Christmas has been trying to find a way to reach her. So, she bands together a crew of outcasts to win merit badges and perform at the final competition; the prize is a spot for their voices on that Record!

McKenna Grace, Jim Gaffigan, Voila Davis, and Allison Janney lead this perfect cast of misfits to gold.

It’s a rare film that you rewatch knowing that you’ll cry. This one sits up there with family films that I’ll always love, quotable comfort films that changed us and will be overplayed because they heal us somehow, films like “The Kid” and “Hook” and “Inside Out.” Add Troop Zero to the list and be inspired (even through that wild, uncomfortable end scene).

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