THE FLORIDA PROJECT (2017) movie review in haiku by Gwen Hughes

Mother and daughter

Live in a purple castle,

Not Cinderella’s

Danger all around

Little Moonee rules the roost

With buddies in tow

Landlord Bobby watches

Mother Halley make mistakes

Can’t help but protect

Mom smokes in the room

Unwelcome guests come at night

Moonee, still smiling

You might lose friends, but

Nothing like a mother’s love

And breakfast buffets

Disney adjacent

We grow where we are planted

No break for Moonee

Sean Baker is king

Of cotton candy colors

And iPhone endings

(Now streaming on Netflix)


Gwen Hughes is a seasoned writer and the Editor-in-Chief at Madison Park Living magazine. When she is not working, she enjoys reading short stories, quoting John Mulaney Netflix specials, and eating family-size boxes of Mott’s Fruit Snacks. 

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