NEVER HAVE I EVER (2020) Netflix original series

From “Office” writer Mindy Kaling comes the only level of drama most of us can handle right about now. It’s high school’s hilarious punch up starring a swash of underdogs who finally take the leads.One part Tina Fey’s Mean Girls pop plot meets two parts Freaks and Geeks nostalgia. Add the zest of some Bring It On-style iconic vocab and the full-speed-ahead dialogue almost Gilmore-pace (almost). Sprinkle a bit of High School Musical-esque cheese with the added touch of plenty of PG-13 dialogue (aka swearing and overt discussions about sex). Toss in heavy doses gorgeous cultural heritage. And you have the newest Netflix binge-worthy series. I laughed hard through it all, mostly because of the narration by John McEnroe and for a moment Andy Samburg.The lead, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is excellent. Kaling proves that she can offer true heart through believable, triumphant, flawed characters in a well-paced story that feels kind of just right for right now.

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