TOMB RAIDER (2018) movie review

Haiku review:

Every stunt would kill

any trained fighter but not

Petite cyclist Croft

Lara Croft is on the run from her high profile heritage after the disappearance of her father. She takes on the toughest fighters, shipwreck, and all kinds of constant life threatening circumstances across the world to take up her father’s mantle and find her purpose.
Tiny, raspy-voiced Alicia Vickander vanquishes every possible threat and survives. Even though, as mentioned in my haiku review, each and every scenario would absolutely pummel any super sting MMA fighter body type, little Lara Croft survives and defeats all odds alone.Her journey is unstable and dangerous, yet she persists without protection into the jungle island where she alone can solve the puzzles in the crypt that could release the evil spirits of death on the world. She kicks, punches, and finally chooses her Katniss kit to take out an army all by herself. She is Lara Croft, after all.

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