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Message. Films relay messages. This film, by director Roger Michell (Notting Hill), offers insight into a dream attained at the cost of living. It’s that classic idea that life worth living is not lived for work.  Our star example, Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Time Traveler’s Wife) runs on little sleep, a passion for news, a coffee iv, and high-heeled dashes that would give Andy Sachs a run for her money.  Her initiative rivals Streisand (circa The Way We Were), but to what end? Harrison Ford too easily stepped into the role of overpaid, cantankerous aging reporter, high-maintenance and full of pride. Yet, he her mentor, antagonist, priest, and father figure, arrives at and delivers the conclusions that time spent with people is more important than any award, position, or dream fulfilled. Lovely message.

However, the delivery of that message came in what looked like a glorified pizza box. Characters, though well-acted and incredibly likable, were also equally forgettable.  Rough language detracted from otherwise insightfully written lines. Amoral centerpieces make for a tasteless meal. It’s as though the filmmaker took a dose of his own advice as he made this film and decided that time with his family was more important than making a beautiful film of renown.  Bad Robot (J.J. Abrams) produced this piece, but I would have preferred to see more of his direction in the film. Perhaps he could have worked harder to deliver the message with a moral twist and thereby creating a memorable and more palpable film.


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  1. I thought the devil wears Prada was very well done, and adds made it sound like it was sort of a remake of that. If I go to movies, I guess it wont be my first choice.

  2. I liked this one.

    But then again I was distracted.

    Ain’t no shame.

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