Long for adventure.

Battle evil.

Resist temptation.

Be of good courage.

To Lucy – Believe that you are loved, desirable, and a world changer.

To Edmond – Trust that you have what it takes to succeed and that the you have already defeated the evil one.

To Caspian – Know that you can and must be King. To whom much is given, much is required.

To Eustace Scrubb – Trust that even a dragon can be made new.

Joy waits beyond in Aslan’s  country. Lewis loads his children’s fiction with applicable life lessons, and the films do not fall short. This 3rd installment in the series beautifully captures the crux of a most beautiful story. Head full sail into the unknown to rescue the lost Lords of old. It stirs my heart to dream, along with Reepicheap, of tasting the sweet water and moving “further up and further in!”

Get to know His face. Learn to hear His voice.

Long. Battle. Resist. Be.

Merry Christmas.

P.S. See more of Will Poulter, the actor who played Eustace, in the odd-duck indie Son of Rambow, (2007)

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  1. Ok first off… What do you need help with?

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