THE KING’S SPEECH…Firth, Carter, Rush, Ehle, Pearce!…2010

Magnificent! This film is art and beauty. It’s raw, unabashed lack of pretension from the Monarchy of all places. I was pleased and delighted by every frame. The “R” rating is in place for language – oddly using those rare gems as a tactic for curing the King’s stammer. Firth and Rush compliment each other masterfully, as true artists of their crafts. I loved this film for its redemption story, for its hope, for the proof that true friendship exists in this world when allowed enough time and patience. See it before it leaves the theaters, or “the mystery box” as J.J. Abrams calls the experience.  Also, listen for the perfect classical piece gently tucked into the film’s soundtrack: Beethoven’s Symphony No.7 in A Major. It’s perfect. And, The King’s Speech is lovely.

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