After an extensive Google search, a facetious few clicks, I found a Seth Rogen quote that works, “As an irresistible idiot, I’m quite good.” At least he admits it, and hits it in this one quote. As the star, screenwriter, and producer, Seth Rogen must have something going on beyond his half-baked persona. No, yes, that was a question. I’m wondering.

The hero of this film, if not the car, is the Sam-wiser kickbutt sidekick Jay Chou, a real life pop star. He gave much of the dimension to this easy-to-swallow piece. Most of the writing felt all-boy, like when you overhear Grandmas discussing how little boys just love to drop and kick and crush things. I think I counted 5 deaths via dropped heavy objects, like tractors. So, to the little boys who wrote, starred in, and directed this silly film, thanks for a few hearty laughs and as many grimaces, for an evening away purely for entertainment, and for proving that you don’t really need your brain to create or watch blockbusters. Once again, to quote the mastermind behind The Green Hornet revival, Seth Rogen, “But, I’m very stupid.”

So, to sum this up I’ll give you a basic conversation that I’m hearing as I write this at a coffee shop in Seattle (sidebar – I love that anywhere I go, people are talking film. Powerful.) Two guys nearby:
“I really like Seth Rogan. He’s pretty funny. It’s just that the 3D is so bad. We even did Imax 3D. This was like… there were scenes where I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ The jerking of the camera through scenes is just really bad. The 3D is just really bad. The story was entertaining…”

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