TRON…imax 3D…2010

Visually stunning throwback to the Tron that my Great Uncle marveled at so many years ago. I didn’t get it as a kid, but today I’m grateful for the memory, for the fondness for which Tron was spoken then. It is beautiful.
The Science Center in Seattle houses an incredible experience – in what looks like an in-house death star, you walk around and below it in Star Tours fashion, claiming 3D goggles, a unique and total experience. It’s worth it, and it costs even less than the Imax experience offered at the local Regal. Beyond this, the movie itself was simple, chic, tasteful, and oh so 80’s. I’ll admit, however, that the animation of Clu’s face was far too Polar Express and that the Imax simply could not provide the clarity between shots that the non Imax 3D did. I’ll also admit, that as far as films go, I placed it very purposefully into the “forgettable” category. It’s one that I’ll promote as clean fun and made-for-the-big-screen 3D.

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