Today, the epic clash ensued between titans! Greek Gods, demigods, and men battled for the power over and worship of mankind. Liam Neeson (the one I deemed my 2nd Dad after Taken) plays an ever-powerful Zeus, and Ralph Fiennes (an excellent Voldemort and beautifully fascinating creature indeed) is again the antagonist as Hades. Both typecast? Not likely…but commonly cast certainly. Aslan most definately released the kraken today.
Much like the sense of familiarity when smells evoke memory, so somehow my childhood was laced with these adventures and 80’s wonders. Perseus must defeat Medusa, ride the pegasus, and destroy the kraken. I’ve always known this somehow.
It seemed somehow appropriate that this film would come out right before Easter – the day of the resurrection of THE hero – the salvation of the world. The one sent by His Father to save us all. It was interesting that Zeus said in the film, “I will not sacrifice my son for the sake of humanity.” When that is exactly what God did. The legendary superman lives on in echo through characters like Perseus, but we must never equate these to Jesus. The Greek gods were selfish, angry, too like humans.
Yet the Greeks of old constructed temples and made sacrifices to appease these gods. We see the fanatic followers on the screen and laugh because we have forgotten that so much of creation is re-creation – this was religion for so many not so long ago.
I like an epic action flick, so I again donned the 3D’s today to spend a few hours vicariously saving the world. There was no nudity or language, and only black blood. Don’t take little kids, cause they’ll pee the $14 seats. It’s fun, though. Dangerous and fun. Hmm. Two words I associate with God. Call me unique, but I do. Happy Easter, all! Blessings.

HE is risen indeed!

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