Blunt is fabulous. Strong and fabulous. She gave Queen Victoria youth and life, poise and dignity, strength and wit, romance and passion. Helen Mirren, of course, opened the window into Buckingham palace, so now Emily Blunt has made public Victoria’s diaries. “Even a palace can be a prison.”
Rupert Friend, her Albert, unfortunately more recognized currently for his relationship with Keira Knightley than his excellent presence on screen.He is Wickham no more. I may be a bit in love with him for his devotion and strength opposite the stubborn thin shell covering the Queen’s insecurities. They were a lovely match – well cast.
Some would complain that period pieces become sleepy, but this does keep moving. The tension remains long enough to enjoy the resolve. I found it transporting and truthful, and, as Matthew would say, “lovely” (pronounced: lahv -f -lay”).

My lovely, late Grandma Sota was enamoured by the British monarchy. She spoke about them with awe, and I believe that this is why my mother wears large hats out in public. My Grandmother, like Victoria was genteel and proper.
I’m standing taller today. Posture = elegance. Quite right.

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  1. I love this film so much! Or, as my husband would spell out, I larrve it. 🙂

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