THE FALL (2006)

For film lovers. For art lovers. For those of you who have ever fallen in love with a story and its teller.

The Fall speaks in color and beauty – transcending traditional filmmaking. This is an art film. Each scene a painting in itself, this film is a Salvador Dali come to life. The director, Tarsem, offers a magnificent opening sequence (as featured: Genius. The rest of the film is shot in over twenty beautiful countries.

The motif of “falling” is the resplendent repetitive notion of lives in motion, making mistakes, sinning, falling from our pedistals of chance and fate and grace. It’s a question. It’s a fear. It’s a risk that, once taken, affects the entire rest of your life. It’s about life and living it. It’s about family and fathers. It’s about loving someone enough to stick around for the rest of the story. It’s the retelling of a silent picture as seen in the mind of a little girl. The teller (Lee Pace) becomes her hero and her friend. The percieved quest is one of external healing; the actual is internal as the listener becomes the unexpected hero to save her dear friend.

This film IS found in the horror genre for some disturbing violence. But as I promised Andrew that I would, I’m letting you know now that it ends well.


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  1. AH! someone else who loved the movie… I loved, loved, lovedddd.. it!

  2. The Bet Movie I had ever seen!

  3. It was actually 24 counties and took Tarsem approx 20 years to bring to life 🙂 Great Flicker

  4. one of my top five of all time…
    not to be missed especially on big screen hd.

  5. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! My daughter and I stayed up watching this movie until 6 am, so beautiful, I dreamt about it when I slep!

  6. One of the most artistique,unique and beautiful movie.
    also watch A Serious man by Coen Brothers.

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