THE AVENGERS (2012) movie review

As a little girl, I dawned the red pillowcase, diaper-pinned to my t-shirt, and ran the kitchen declaring that I was Wonder Woman. Day 2, same cape: She-Ra. Then Supergirl. My brother was He-Man, Spiderman, Superman, Batman…the classics. What we both would have given for a broader knowledge of the Marvel world.

Thor wields his trusty hammer! Iron Man boasts his metal wit. The Hulk explodes with anger.
Captain America leads the charge as the eldest and fittest of the group. It looks like an ad for a fitness place. Scarlett Jo, as Black Widow, could potentially teach the best kickboxing classes, if not Zumba. Hawkeye would be the yoga instructor. He’s the perching observer with great aim. Fury could…check people in with his eye patch and brunette model assistant. Why was she there?

Phil is a favorite with his kindly voice and hero worship. I get that he represents each of us = he is the “every man,” but I was a little lost on his sacrifice making all the difference.  Oh, Loki tries to escape his Daddy issues but cannot.

Despite these few idiosyncrasies, I do believe that this film lived up to the hype and won fan fav of the year. It’s not just the ever-fans who paid to see this. This is a film for all as it can boast good good-guy fun, a clean rep, and enough explosions to keep us jumping, cheering, and conquering evil. From one pillowcase caper to another, see this showstopper and walk away as I did: feeling like I could run faster, jump higher.

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