IRON LADY (2012) movie review

THE trumping triumphant fearless woman: Iron Lady sums it up. She pounces the pile of leaves without a thought, never considering the possibility of  hidden danger within the pile. Though sometimes bruised and pained, she was one who walked bravely into a man’s society to fight for causes and to do what she believed to be right despite the losses. Well-spoken and task-driven, she was one who stood her ground through war and tragedy and saw Britain through to better days.

 I struggled to see her humanity. She hurt for the bigger picture, for an entire country, but missed out on the lives at home. She was bold and almost boyish or robotic. I admire and pity her.
The genius of this film is that it recalls to life her husband, her point of deepest regret. We all have in common the fact of regret which stems in hindsight. The “if-onlys” can dry us up. Meryl Streep, once again, breathes character into a lost icon. We leave the theater saddened but somehow still encouraged.

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