THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN (2012) movie review

I was told to bring tissues. If only confusion made me cry…

The spoilers below are ponderances following this odd film.

In short: memorable characters say purposeless lines in search of little plot.

It was Benjamin Button for kids – not a compliment. The Greek playwright Euripides once said, “Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.” Though I consider this a futile quest, I followed his request and sought help and insight from the two brilliant minds in the picture below to review and discuss this film. Here are many of our questions:

Timothy –

  • Why the leaves on his legs? Leaves made of steel? Oh, well if Edward had scissors for hands…

    Why the endless arm stretching when the sun came out? If he lived in Arizonawould he just stand like that all the time? Is that how he gained his super strong leaf strength? Why did Timothy know so much? Was he from the future? WAS he a tree? They planted him. He sprouted. He knew them. Did he believe in God? Is that why the gardener turned gospel singer in the end? Did the fall season correllate with his leaf loss. Why did he gift his leaves? Some of his leaves turned color. Others didn’t. Why no warning that he was leaving…or should i say leaf… no. Sorry. Too soon.

    The Town –

  • Can you base a movie on a writing utensil? – Stanleyville, home of the pencil. Very small town. Does one factory a whole town make? Jennifer Garner works in a pencil museum without mention of the boredom factor…odd.
  • Who is the crotchety museum lady?  The boss of the town? Was that drawing scene way too creepy?  Too Titanic.  And why did the town erupt in cheers when the same woman said my favorite line from the film: “If this boy can grow leaves from his legs then we can make pencils from leaves!” What does that mean? How do those connect at all?The Director –
  • I can’t tell if this film was pro-adoption propaganda or a subliminal drug / anti-drug campaign. ???
  • What’s the lesson to be learned here? Stop crying. Get tipsy. Bury your hopes in the garden. And you’ll get a Timothy who matches all your dreams??? Please say no.
  • …the gardener singing in the choir at the end? Who was that guy? Was he ashamed of his…faith? of his…green thumb?
  • Shouldn’t Timothy have come from an egg or a meteor? Like Superman or Condorman?The Family –
  • …the odd sibling rivalry? “My kid’s better than your kid.” Does that really happen to that extent? Is anyone ever that cruel to adopted children? “Now that my accomplished musician kids have performed in their home recital, you get up here and perform little boy…” Cruel.
  • …the most inane marital spat caught on camera to date? “I’m not the worst parent in this house.” ” Yes you are.” “No I’m not.” “I’m the worst.” “No I am…”
  • Who lets angry grandpa with a nasty arm pummel all the little kids at dodgeball? Parents stood around and supported this guy who usually doesn’t get invited to these surprise family picnics…?
  • …family recitals?The Girl …I saved her questions for last…
  • Why would a mean, emo, teenage girl with no friends or family to speak of choose to spend all of her time making weird hippie tree art with kid she doesn’t know?

  • Is she only attracted to those that hurt her?
  • Could she not have been given just a few lines in the movie  so we could understand her purpose there? Her one line, “Duh,” just didn’t do it for me.
  • She obviously felt super kindred with him because of her unsightly but completely hidden birthmark…?
  • The boy is 10 years old, and he chooses to “love and be loved by her?”
  • She shows up carrying signs, “I’m with ‘0’?” It’s too much.


Little Timothy is sweet, guileless. He can’t help himself. Jen Garn & Joel Edgerton were great, funny.  Sadly, even the 0ver-explanatory framed narrative couldn’t offer connection in this very odd tale.


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  1. Sounds about like what I thought it would be. I think I’ll skip this one.

  2. Grasias
    Ya ise la tarea gracias a ti

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