TOTAL RECALL (2012) movie review – OR – Emily Dickinson at the movies

SPlatter’s movie review:

Wake up.

Ask what is real.
Fight IRobot Storm Troopers.
Rescue Biel.
Save the world.

It’s a fiery-paced action ride with trust issues. Watch it if your hungry for 100% action and a decent amount of facetime with Colin Farrell.

I’m not exactly sure where this next bit came from, but I imagined that a film like this would be quite a shock to the system of an ancient literary figure. So, I attempted to write a review from the mind of a favorite poet. Here are her potential thoughts on this film:

Emily Dickinson at the movies

by S. Platter

If I see a film and it makes my whole body so cold no fire can warm me, I know that it is sci-fi.

In darkened room I waited

Eyes frozen, open wide,

For frame to frame unfettered

Moved time on glowing picture tide.

The characters, half-clothed,

Seemed so happily in love

That I thought I oughtn’t spy them there

In voyeuristic hove.


But they seemed yet undaunted

by my own presence there;

we were drawn in fast by sudden pace

and inoffensive gore.

The future in my present

Some men seemed made of steel,

And women swarmed and mannish moved

Demonstrating how I feel.


To fight for men, for causes yet

To sense the pressured pulse,

I was confused, but centered still,

Made stronger by the rush.

I know not when I’ll see again

Such glow of pace and force,

But God himself must meet us there

When future is past once more.


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  1. Is that scary scene with exploding eyeballs in the remake too?

  2. Quite a unique review. Could probably stand alone as a fine peice of poetry.

  3. L’ha ribloggato su petrone98e ha commentato:
    TOTAL RECALL (2012) movie review – OR – Emily Dickinson at the movies

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